Friday, November 23, 2012

Makeup Geek Gel Liners

Makeup Geek recently sent me four of their new(ish) gel eyeliners.  I have been playing around with them since I got them.  The liners cost $7.99 for 1.8g of product.  To compare, MAC fluidlines cost $15 for 3g of product, so they're really quite similar in price per gram.  So here are the colors I got:

What the MUG site says the bottom line about this color is, "A true intense black color with a matte finish."
I think this is a great basic black gel liner.  I've never had any issues with a black gel liner (I've also used L'oreal HIP, MAC, and Bobbi Brown) and I wouldn't necessarily recommend this over the others or the others over this.  It lasted well for me, but I did set it with a shadow as I always do.

"True royal blue with a matte finish."
This color, when used as a liner, does not come across as bright.  Also this needs you to give it drying time.  I used it to line around my eyes and it transferred like nobody's business.  I learned that setting it with shadow before opening your eyes is a very good idea.  This worked well for me on the waterline.

"A dark aquatic teal with a navy undertone and smooth shimmery finish."
My favorite.  I love this color.  It applied super smoothly and it's just the most gorgeous color.  I had no issues with staying power on my waterline.  If you have hazel or gold eyes, you NEED this color.

"A dark metallic golden brown shade with a smooth shimmery finish."
This is like a silvery-brown color.  It's really pretty, I used it as a base, I haven't used it as a liner yet.  But it applied nice and smoothly and it's a really pretty, interesting color.


And here are two looks I did using these.

A look with "Electric" as the star of the show.

What I used:
MUG "Electric" Gel liner all around my eyes and on waterline
MUG "Neptune" shadow to set the liner (they need a shadow color that better coordinates with Electric)
MUG "Bling" shadow on lid and as highlight
MUG "Stealth" in outer v area
MUG "Purely Naked" to blend up from Stealth

My second look.  Using "Fame" and "Rave"

I used "Rave" as a base on my lid
MUG "Prom Night" on top of Rave
MUG "Latte" in outer v area
MUG "Beaches 'n Cream" above Latte
MUG "Shimma Shimma" as highlight
"Fame" gel liner on waterline, topped with "Ocean Breeze" and blended down into "Mermaid"

I definitely like these liners.  I think they make great eyeshadow bases as well, they don't stay creamy like the NYX jumbo eye pencils do, but I didn't have any issues getting shadow to stick on top of them.  Have you guys tried these gel liners yet?  What do you think of them?

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  Thanks so much for taking time out to check this out!!!


  1. They look gorgeous! I want to order Rave now as i think it would make a great eyeshadow base! xx

  2. I don't often use gel liners, but Rave is so interesting I think it might have to come home with me!

  3. Beautiful!!! You too. So nice to see you again so soon.


  4. Fame & Rave both looks soooo gorgeous, I really want to order some of these! Oh & you look gorgeous as always!

  5. what a great review! i love rave and fame they look amazing and the looks you created are beautiful :)

  6. Thanks for the review. You created some great looks with these.

  7. I just love the 2nd eye look.Definitely gonna try it out tomorrow!

  8. I love the Makeup Geek eyeliners. :) Did you have any problems with transfer with Fame? I had when i used it to line my upper lashline. I have slightly hooded eyes though so it might be in that fact the problems lies.

  9. Electric looks awesome on you!

  10. These look awesome, I was just checking them out on the site. I need to get back into gel liners, man. I think I need Fame for my lightish brown eyes!

  11. Whoaaa these guys are easily MUG's best products! i've heard about their eyeshadows being meh but these babies look great! I need Fame and Rave!

  12. The thing that stinks about the gel liners is that they have PARABENS! That's why I won't be trying any of these out. BUT I love there eyeshadows! Have almost all of them!

  13. These look amazing! I love the second look, it really makes your blue eyes pop! On the closeup of your eye, your iris has a pattern that makes it look like a teardrop. :)

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  15. This is so beautiful! I'm just starting to learn about makeup (even at 41!) and your pictures are the absolute best! Do you do video tutorials? I need to know how to do this second look. Gorgeous!! I have to see how you do it, reading isn't enough for this beginner!

  16. hey girl
    i started following in 2011 and then went mia till now im back and trying to get into the swing of things id love if youd follow me if you arent already<3


  17. The second look is incredible. I love it!